AFROS: Christiana O.

So I’m a big Afro lover, and as often as possible I’m going to post hair that just makes me do a double take.

First, let me explain how I found this Afro wearer….

It was on New Years Eve 2013 (literally three days ago) and as per usual, my father had decided that the family attend the Watchnight service at a well-known church, recently relocated in Chatham, Kent.
It was around 3am and 90% of those in the overflow room had left, but sitting two rows in front of me was a girl with fabulous hair. I decided to do the decent thing and introduce myself, my blog and join her in thanksgiving for her hair rather than sink into my seat whilst taking unauthorised pictures of said ‘fro on my iPhone

She graciously obliged to have her photo taken and divulged some tidbits about herself too:

Name: Christiana O.

Age: 17

How Long Have You Been Growing Your Hair: 2 years

Where Are You From: London-raised Ghanaian

Describe Your Hair in One Word: Mine

Any Tips for Other Aspiring Naturals: “steal your brothers shampoo”

I told Christiana I’d post her pics within 7 days, but heeeeeey, I got excited!




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