Happy New Year

Just wanted to post a selection of New Year messages I received yesterday. All brought a great big smile to my face and required a serious “AMEEEEEEN”. Hope it does the same to you!

“Happy New Year. Happy because this is the year God will drop everything to and attend to your deepest need as He did in the case of Bartimaeus. Amen. Mark 10:46-52.”
“Happy new year everyone! May God prosper you and your families in all you do in the next 12 months. It shall be a time of endless possibilities and divine restoration. May you have a 2014 that keeps on giving everything that completes you and your purpose in Jesus Name. Oh and do not forget to look up as our redemption draws close from this present world.

“For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says The Lord, thoughts of peace and not evil, to give you a future and an expected end” Jeremiah 29:11.”

“Happy New Year to you. We look back and we can not but thank God for His grace and mercies which has brought us thus far and will continue to be with us as we go into year 2014.
As we continue to pour out ourselves in His vineyard this year, He will make the lines fall for us in pleasant places. The joy and love you give to others out there on cold December mornings* is like a water being poured on a bucket and one day that bucket will overflow with good returns. Remember that God is watching. He is ever faithful.
May your year 2014 be filled with His goodness, abundant grace, amazing love, divine miracles and overflowing joy. My prayers for you all is in in PALM 122 vss 1 and 2.”
“Happy New Year to you dear. In 2014, the joy of the Lord will be your strength. You will walk & not be weary and you will not faint. The wisdom of God will guide you as you make decisions about your life and career. God will come through for you in 2014 and those things you have requested from Him, He will do it even more abundantly than you ever hoped for. Welcome to an awesome year…”
“Happy new year dear, Wishing u all of God’s best for 2014, may this be ur best year yet in Jesus name.”

“I pray that this year God causes the line to fall into beautiful places for you. May this year turn out to be the most fruitful year yet for you. Amen.”
“Happy New Year, sorry the msg is abit late. Hope this year brings all the wonderful things your heart anticipates. Stay blessed”

and last but not least….

“I’d like to wish you a very happy new year, turn dreams to goals n accomplish them, dreams are for the idle and weak, we have realities yet to be seen. I pray The Heavenly Creator will grace your journey, you will tread a righteous and virtuous path and succeed immensely. Take every pain you have endured thus far and let it fuel your determination and put to shame those who doubt and undermine you.

And finally quote me on this (its trademark) : if something, be it a situation or circumstance isn’t forwarding your success or prosperity, put it to rest indefinitely”


Happy New Year folks!


*Last December I was part of a team that went out during the morning rush-hour to hand out teas, coffes, pastries and generally spread Christmas cheer. It was cold, it was tiring but it was very worthwhile. If fact, it actually was a great way for me to talk about Christ and lead someone to Christ, which is another post in itself…..

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