AFROS: Ruth A.

Another day, another Afro spotted along the way….
As mentioned in my previous post, I love me an Afro, and I spotted my 2nd Afro in 2014 earlier today.

So here’s the story; I went into work today, and sitting beside me was a girl with a fabulous Afro – what are the odds? The shift was near enough ending, so I told her about the blog and asked her a few questions. Here’s what I found out:

Name: Ruth A

Age: 21

How Long Have You Been Growing Your Hair: 2 years

Where Are You From: Ghana

Describe Your Hair in One Word: Complicated

Any Tips for Other Aspiring Naturals: Just go for it. It’s risky but take chances….just do something different…Do try to inform yourself as much as possible…do what works well for you.

Ruth also allowed me to take pics of said ‘fro:




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