GOALS: How to Set Goals and actually ACHIEVE them

I think I’m on a blogging streak, if there’s such a thing. Third blog of the night and probably the one I’ve been itching to get out all day…..

I love goals. No, not the back-of-the-net blinders seen on MOTD on Saturday evenings, but aims, objectives and targets.
The only thing I love more than goal setting is achievement and the joyful exhale of a completed goal, ticked of the list.

So imagine my joy when one Sunday in January 2013, my Pastor took us through “Goal Setting”.

Below are the eight categories that he advised we use to create goals for the year.

1. Spiritual
2. Health and Fitness
3. Financial
4. Career and Business
5. Relationship
6. Self-development
7. Recreational
8. Ministry

Hmm, seems straightforward enough right? Yes, well let’s make it a little more detailed….

So I like to break things down. Not only did I have goals for the year, but I set objectives for the month, week and occasionally, when I could manage to, for the day.

Here’s an example of what my Goals in 2013 looked like, some quite generic, others extremely specific:

– Pray every morning and every night; wake up as early as possible to pray
– Read Genesis and Matthew
– Begin Fasting

– Join the gym
– Walk more
– Drink more water
– Cut out fried foods, fizzy drinks, sweets
– Have ‘Treat Days’ once a week

– Continue paying my tithe
– Be financially independent
– Be a blessing to others
– Set up Direct Debits for 5 charities

– Law LLM; Choose a dissertation title/topic
– Apply for work experience

– Restore my old friendships
– Make new friendships at work/Uni/Church
– Leave fruitless friendships alone
– Get to know me more

– Culture; go to a museum/gallery/landmark once a month
– Skills; cook a new meal once a week, sing as much as possible, research Igbo lessons, write all poems in a poetry book
– Improvements; learn to swim

– Read The African Trilogy
– Read more Nigerian/African authors (Chiamanda Adichie, Wole Soyinka)
– Read more Classics (Shakespeare, Bronte sisters, James Joyce)
– Read American Classics (Arthur Miller, John Steinbeck, Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou)

– Serve within church

Some were achieved, some were not. Those that were completed will be improved on this year. Those that were not even attempted will be given priority stays this year.

Now this worked for me; I like detail, but find a way that works for you and follow it through!
Use the same categories and tailor it to your desires/lifestyle/ambitions. Pray as you plan that God will guide you and help you achieve all you set out to do according to His will. God bless you as you seek to improve yourself in 2014!

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