MOVIE REVIEW: Nollywood Review: Jenifa 2

***Please see “Nollywood Review: Jenifa” for the correct gist.

The film ‘Jenifa’ is all about lanes and levels, and after watching Part 1, I just spent yesterday night watching the sequel. I can honestly say that I have quotes to cling to….

Here are ten lessons learnt from Jenifa 2:

1. Throw parties and let people know that you’ve “arrived”

2. When hosting parties, always hire bouncers

3. “DJ, play de mooosic”

4. When in doubt play Olu Mountain – Yahozeeee

5. “Stealing goes beyond beauty”

6. “I can’t swallow a paper when I’m not a goat?”

7. “Please examine her laps gently”
“Can I have de keeees? And a keeees?”

8.”If you slip, how do you react? You say ‘oooouch”

9. “I gots to be BIG”

10. There was a major plot hole; whoever sold the wigs that were worn on campus used juju. An elusive character that was never seen on camera. The devil is a liar.

Did I miss anything?
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