MOVIE REVIEW: Nollywood Review: Jenifa Part 1

Jenny baby o, Jenny baby o…..

Yeah so, I’ve just watched ‘Jenifa’ Part 1. I’ve known about this film since my first year at Uni, and was reminded last Sunday to actually sit down and watch it, so I have.
I won’t even give a long detailed synopsis, it’s a Nollywood film; you really have to watch it.
In short though, village girl goes to a Uni in the big city and trouble ensues.

Here are ten things I learnt though:

1. Pyjamas during the day is NEVER a good look….

2. Brown/Beige high heeled boots are just too prestigious for campus…

3. There’s always a cheating Chief around the corner…

4. “Suliat, you look very funny”…

5. A Ghana Must Go bag is the perfect go-to travel accessory. You didn’t know?…

5. When clothes are out of place, you can either buy, lend or borrow…

6. When all else fails, change your name…

5. Don’t trust girls called “Shaki”…

6. If you can’t find a Westfield, Bend down boutiques are all the rage…

7. Everyone wants to be Big Girl…

8.” Chief James is a well that anyone is allowed to drink from…”

9. “Kola meet Tracy, Tracy meet Kola….” Yeah, you don’t want to cheat on your boyfriend with his uncle. That’s not life…

10. When a man says that he is going to “reveal his true identity” to you, you better run like the wind…like seriously, RUN

Please feel free to like, comment and share – More to come with Jenifa 2, stay tuned….

*Sidenote, this film is a contender for themesong of the decade….Jenny baby o, Jenny baby o…..


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