EVANGELISM: Stephanie and Evangelism: The First Lesson

So how exactly did I get into Evangelism with Auntie G this year?

Hmm….Well I’m gonna be honest and say I haven’t been very…shall we say evangelistic since the start of the year. I can’t even excuse why, I’ve just let it slip. Haven’t done anything intently to advance the Kingdom.

But I sent a text to one of my fellow church* members (Auntie G) yesterday evening asking her if I could join her for some street evangelism (as she had mentioned previously that she usually goes on her own) and we went out early last Saturday (which is another lovely story that involves the people we met, but it’s a bit long, so I may just blog it later and save it for another post)

Unbeknown to me though, Auntie G has been evangelising on her own for the past couple of weeks and each time asking God to help her bring support or help of another.
Literally that same week, like a day or two later, I send her my text asking if I can join her whenever she goes! Ha!

The day was like a dream, and the lessons that day were clear.

I’ve narrowed it down to five key things:

1. Like I’ve been taught in my Evangelism team**, Evangelism begins with heart.

A heart for the lost and a heart for the dying and being able to just show genuine love, concern and compassion to the people out there.

2. Don’t judge people based on their appearance. Like this can’t be stressed enough.many people in the public already judge Christians for merely standing and wanting to speak to them. As Christians, we can’t afford to limit who we speak to based on how they look or what they happen to be doing when we meet them.

3. Don’t just assume. Simple.

4. If someone joins your conversation and is a willing listener, bring them in to the conversation. These people are usually the ones you were looking for right from the beginning.

5. If last Saturday has taught me anything, it can be summarised simply as God wants us to work for Him and with Him just like 1 Cor 3:6-9 tells us. And I’m talking to myself when I say that we should strive to live evangelistic lives, rather than having days, months or seasons of evangelism.

I encountered two different people who were out evangelising with boldness last Saturday and that really made me smile.

The harvest IS plenteous and the labourers are few, but it’s encouraging to know that we are not alone.

You are never the only person concerned with sharing the Gospel. Besides ourselves, there ARE labourers out there, we only need to continue to pray for more!

Thank God!!

*I go to a large-ish church in London, which is part of an even larger international church
**My large-ish church has an awesome Evangelism Department which I joined in August 2013

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