POETRY: The Word

The Word I asked The Lord for a word and He gave me Psalms 103:2-5: And so God, today I thank you in five parts; forgiveness, healing, redemption, kindness and satisfaction. Thank you for your forgiveness. You forgive all my iniquities and surely you have forgiven me. I always say I have much to be … Continue reading POETRY: The Word

POETRY: You’re a Poet….don’t you know it?

So the label "Poet" is not one I'd use to describe myself. Yes, I like to write and have in the past performed said written pieces publicly, but "Poet"....nahhhhhh Occasionally I will post the odd monologue or short story. Just to get it out there. Just posted my first bit in the previous post. Look … Continue reading POETRY: You’re a Poet….don’t you know it?