POETRY: The Word

The Word

I asked The Lord for a word and He gave me Psalms 103:2-5:

And so God, today I thank you in five parts; forgiveness, healing, redemption, kindness and satisfaction.

Thank you for your forgiveness. You forgive all my iniquities and surely you have forgiven me. I always say I have much to be thankful for, because I was taken from so much darkness. But God, you forgave me completely. Each and every sin I made, each and every sin I tried to minimalise, trivialise, explain. Even the ones I tried to cover up, validate, ignore.

Thank you for healing. You heal all my disease and what a truth. God you are the reason I can stand here. If it had not been The Lord who was on MY side, where would I be? I know that there is no such thing as a small testimony, so I can look at malaria and say “thank you Lord for changing every negative report”. Thank you for breaking every chain of pain and affliction.

Thank you for redemption. You redeem my life. God you did and you have. You’ve given my existence meaning. All this time I was living without meaning, looking for a meaning for living, my raisin d’être, and you have given me that.
Now my living has meaning. And you’ve given me that.

Like a coupon cut out of a magazine, you cut me out of my old life, out of the enemy’s arms and out of the outcome of eternity in hell.
You are my reason for living and I know when my life comes to an end, you will esteem me worthy to be with you in Heaven.

Thank you for kindness. You lavish on me a trinity of love, kindness, and mercy. To know that you, the only wise God, the only just Judge, has shown both mercy and grace to me, and chooses to show mercy and grace to those who choose Your Son.

Mercy. You stayed your hand of punishment.
Mercy. You didn’t just delay my punishment but you cancelled it completely.
Mercy. The judgement I was due to receive has been deleted from your awesome memory.

Mercy said I am forgiven.
Grace said I am free

Grace, the unmerited favour of God. Grace. The granting of a reward to those guilty of sin.
Grace, more than a last meal for those on the death penalty, but the realisation of the last meal Jesus shared on earth.

Love broke His body.
Kindness shed His blood.
Grace granted me access.
Mercy gave me my portion and allowed me to partake in that meal.

Thank you for satisfaction. You satisfy me with good things continually and I’m so grateful.
Jehovah Jireh, truly you are my great provider.
What do I have that you have not given me? When I look over my life, everything goes back to you God. It all belongs to you.

I reverence you and hail you, your Majesty. Your Majesty is undeniable and your reign is eternal.
And to top it all off, you crown me in mercy. You truly are a good God and I don’t think I’ll ever stop being awestruck, in awe of you and your awesome ability to answer me when I even ask for a sign in your Word.

Now you’ve given me this sign, and I give myself freely, and assign myself to your Word and to your commands, as a sign of reverence of your presence. Such a small sign when compared to your Son’s assignment, so in simple acknowledgement, I say thank you. May your signs continue to wonder me all the days of my life in Jesus’ name AMEN.


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