PUBLICITY: Are You Your Best or Worst Cheerleader?

Nobody likes to be cheerleader.
Especially for themselves.

We’ve had a weekend of Pre and Post Oscar buzz; the words on everyone’s lips are Gravity, Dallas Buyers Club and Lupita Nyong’o. All three were critically acclaimed and were publicised as the ones to watch.
The world had in endorsed them, and therefore, each was to be respected and regarded highly.

But what about when we publicise ourselves?

So often we see publicity as a negative. A desperate cry for attention.
It’s this perjorative perception that hinders so many of us from really putting our all behind supporting ourselves or an issue we feel passionate about.


Because we feel no one will listen?
Or care?
Or respond?

What if our ‘raising awareness’ really did make that difference. Would we then do it?

Of course.

So let’s remember that it does. Even if no one comments, replies or indicates their interest. A difference was made.

So I’m going to take my own advice…

A friend of mine has written a film called ”Meeting Destiny”. I love the idea, and would love to see it produced, so here I am as the proverbial cheerleader.

This is the link: THE Project

Check it out and just click “Support” to take him that bit closer to a dream becoming reality. If you’re already reading my blog, supporting would only take a few seconds more, so thanks in advance! 🙂

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