EVANGELISM: The 31 Day Evangelism Challenge

How can I explain the way I feel about Evangelism….

I love it, thats for sure.

I’m passionate about it.

I understand the need for it, but more importantly, I know the Bible encourages us to do it:

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. -Mark 16:15

For me it’s a no brainer:

Me loving Christ (1) + Me following Christ’s commands (2) X The Holy Spirit (3) = EVANGELISM/WITNESSING/SHARING THE GOSPEL (9)

To me, it is as simple as a mathematical equation.

But yet, so often it doesn’t flow.

For many of us, our mouths profess our love of Christ when we pray and when we worship, yet we make no conscious effort to speak about Him.

We lift up His name in prayer. We sing about His goodness, kindness and grace. We know He is faithful, because we can testify of what He has done……yet we don’t evangelise?

Let’s be honest; when you go watch a great film at the cinema, you will give a glowing review to someone. When you find a nice restaurant where the food is timely, service is friendly and the bill is light, you will find a reason to go again with a friend.
When you meet The One, you will find it a real struggle to not tell someone about how the person makes you feel.

What drives us to open up in these three areas? Surely passion!
So what hinders us from evangelising?

Today’s post is simply to encourage somebody to step out for Christ.
I can honestly say, I have had a pretty inactive few months in regards to Evangelism, but in July, I’m challenging myself to go the distance.

I will be embarking on a 31 Day Evangelism Challenge. The aim is simple: To tell someone about Jesus Christ every single day.

If you are passionate about souls, interested in evangelism, or just want to practice and develop ways to witness, try it!

I will be posting my encounters daily – watch this space ________


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