Day 2: The Evangelism Challenge (The Girl I Knew From School)

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. -Romans 8:1

Today I wanted to speak to someone who would listen. Yesterday, I made the mistake of catching someone who was off guard and not really looking to get into a conversation. Would it have been any different if she was on her way out rather than in? Who knows….

But today, I told myself that I WILL converse with someone. Anyone.
On my way back from work, I walked into ASDA and before I even had a chance to spend unnecessary money, I bumped into an old school acquaintance. She was someone who had attended the same secondary school as me, but was a year or two below me.

We hadn’t seen each other since 2007 and I just asked her about life. Whilst she was speaking, I was listening* out for any triggers that could lead me to my main message.

As the subject turned to what I was currently doing, I spoke about work, Uni and how I had been strengthened in my faith with God.

As we spoke, I was able to give her the short version of my University testimony, emphasising how I sought after God and drew strength from reading the bible and praying.

I wish I could have said more. I was bursting to say more, but as we had been standing in the middle of the yogurt aisle for 25mins, I gathered that I wouldn’t have much longer to get my message across.**

In the end I walked her to the checkout and as customary, we went to exchange numbers. Rather than pulling out my phone, I pulled out a tract, wrote my number on it and told her to give me a call.

Now that was different. I had to decide whether that would be a “waste” of a tract, or whether it could be tactful. I decided on the latter. Thank God for bringing that friend to me and I pray that it will not be the last I see – or hear – of her!

Let’s see what tomorrow brings….

*ACTIVE listening is crucial for evangelism. In a sense, you may be listening to what the person is saying, but at the same time asking the Holy Spirit when to speak and what to say.

**My acquaintance is a Muslim and had come to ASDA with her 11 year old sister in order to buy food to break their fast. The younger sister was getting restless and there was only so many times her older sister could send her away to collect items they had forgotten….I mean, there’s only so many items you can forget!


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