Day 3: The Evangelism Challenge (The Guy At Work)

Today was an example of preplanned evangelism.

I’ve been considering going on a lunch date with a friend at work since we met. I had put it off in June because I was fasting, and earlier in April and May because I was still getting familiar with my new job.

But as we had agreed a date and time, the opportunity arose again. Wednesday, 1.30pm.

What should have been him showing me a local sweet shop, ended with us lounging outside in Somerset House.

What ensued was rich conversation about faith and belief.

To my own surprise, I actually didn’t waste any time. I had recalled him saying in an earlier conversation that he grew up in the church but was no longer religious, so I asked him about Uni, his move to London from Leeds and his family back home. Eventually I brought up the comment he had made and asked him to explain.

He replied that he used to go to church as a child but stopped in his teenage years as it was a ritual but there was no desire to do it. He’s currently of no religion as the church thing is not for him.

I asked him when did he decide that and of course he never did, he just found himself slipping away from it all. He asked me when did I decide to become a Christian. I was able to relate his experience to my own childhood, but I stressed that I had to find out what it meant to actually be a Christian, and from my searching, I found that Christianity is not religious practice but a relationship with God.

We spoke about Heaven and Hell. He was asking why there had to be an “after” – why couldn’t life just end there? I told him the truth; Heaven is real and Hell is just as real.

After we spoke, I felt quite relieved. I had been anticipating the conversation all week, and I was pleased that he had been so open and receptive.

Today a seed was sown. Now for the watering……



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