Day 4: The Evangelism Challenge (The Girl At Work)


Today was a strange one.

It was as if yesterday put me on such a high, I didn’t even think today would be a challenge.

I was absolutely chuffed to hear my friend/colleague tell another guy in our office how much he enjoyed yesterday and how the conversation was interesting not ‘weird’ interesting but good interesting of course

I didn’t say anything to anyone, but as I left work, I found myself walking out of the Court with another female colleague. We spoke about our plans for the weekend and after speaking whilst standing still for 7 minutes, I suggested we walk together towards Holborn Station.


I knew this was an opportunity, as she was feeling stressed with work. I ended up encouraging her to pray and once we arrived at the station, she turned to leave. I couldn’t tell if her expression towards me was one of “this girl is weird” or “this girl is serious” but I just said by and left.


Not the most exciting challenge, but challenging nonetheless. My colleague had never heard me speaking about Christ before, so she was probably taken aback.

All is good though, will attempt to follow up the convo during the week…..


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