Day 5: The Evangelism Challenge (The Woman on the Bus)

Oh wow, Day 5 was a simple effort!
I woke up rather excited, as my church was hosting it’s annual Women’s Conference.
As I made my way to church, I was thinking about who I would speak to….

Would it be the person serving me in the corner shop?

Could it be the woman at the bus stop?

Or perhaps it would be someone I meet at the Conference?

As I entered the bus, I walked to the seats at the back. The woman on my left looked at me.

Oh gosh, I thought.

I haven’t got time for people to be screwing me today, I’m on a mission! (Lol no joke, this is actual how I think)
I looked back at the woman and smiled (again, this is the transformed Stephanie smiling. The old Stephanie would have been a different story….)

She smiled back and complimented me scarf.

Now a compliment is a compliment, but I’m not one to miss an opportunity. If someone goes out of their way to speak to me, please believe that I’ll be sharing some Good News with them…

I thanked her and we discussed the temperamental weather (cliched but actually a sincere conversational topic in early July) I asked her what she was doing and where she was going and she explained that she having a meeting with her manager and was seemingly nervous regarding it. I encouraged her not to worry and told her that I was going to a Women’s’ Conference at my church (you really have to explain things properly when you’re speaking to someone outside is church)

I pulled a tract out of my bag and gave it to her with a quick explanation of what it was and why I was giving it to her. She took it and got off the bus. I smiled.


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