Day 11: The Evangelism Challenge (The Girlfriend at Work)

So today I decided I would tell my friend at work about Christ. Simple.

I would go out for lunch with her and just direct the conversation towards the Gospel. It would be a piece of cake. YUM.

I knew she was open to the conversation, as we had spoken about church previously and she had shown interest in finding out what I do in the church.

But it wasn’t that straightforward….

Unbeknown to me, my friend had a history of fainting and on this certain day, I had decided in my mind to join her at 1.30pm for lunch, giving her 30min alone time and giving me 30 minutes more to do my work…..

But as she prepared to leave, I heard a loud THUD on the floor. She fainted. My manager screamed. I ran for help. We all stood around waiting (and some of us praying quietly)

After a few minutes of her on the ground, with a glass of water, a chocolate bar and a large fan blowing in her direction, she decided she was ready to leave, so I went with her to get something to eat. She wanted McDonalds. These times, I don’t even go near McDonalds, don’t even entertain the sight of free vouchers in the Metro, yet I found my self ordering a Deli meal and Twix McFlurry.


So after paying for a calorific meal at McDs, we eventually sat down and spoke. After telling me about her fainting issue, I gave her five practical ways of dealing with the fainting, or better yet, the stress/worry that causes her to faint.

Number one on the list was PRAYER and that is how we began to talk about the Gospel. She said she felt guilty all the time. I explained how Christ came to save us from sin, and therefore the guilt and shame associated with sinning.


Then she asked the question.


“But why did He have to die?”


It was a question that we should all ask ourselves as Christians and be prepared to give an answer to. I explained the history of the mankind; Adam and Eve, the fruit of the tree and the deception of the snake. I explained the history of mankind; the Israelites, their sin and the way they used to atone for sin with blood sacrifices.

Finally I brought in Christ. The sacrificial Lamb. The FINAL sacrifice.

The conversation ended with me encouraging her to seek God, pray and really look for God in the Bible. She agreed and we went back to work. What a blessing!

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