Day 13: The Evangelism Challenge (The Waitress)

Today was my Daddy’s birthday!!!
Woop woop!!

After heading to church, I and the rest of my siblings took him out for a meal.
We were in the restaurant being served by the most loveable waitress – as in, she was so cool, I couldn’t believe it.

As she went to place our drinks order, I told my dad “we have to share the Gospel with her”. He agreed.
The mistake I found was telling the rest of my siblings.

You see my dad, my sister and I are one in the same – evangelists at heart. There’s no getting away from it.

When I told the wider table (which included my brothers, my sister in law, my nephew and one of my brothers’ friends) the response was unimpressed. Now it wasn’t the entire table, it was one of my brothers and his friend who sort of groaned and said I should forget it, I’d be wasting my time as she doesn’t need it.

You can imagine how much this irritated me. You can imagine how many unbelievers have died and gone to hell because the closest “Christian” to him/her didn’t think he/she needed to hear about Christ.

I asked them what they meant. They explained that the waitress doesn’t look like she would want to hear it, so I shouldn’t bother. I dismissed their comments and asked who exactly looks like they need the Gospel.

In the end, my dad told one of my brothers to give the waitress a tract, so I handed a tract of choice to my brother and watched as he gave the waitress the tract and tip.

Funnily, or should I say strangely enough, she seemed indifferent to it. She was still respectful, but joked that “Christ can’t help me”…..

Today was another lesson for me. Each time I take a backseat in regards to evangelism, I end up disappointing myself. Not to say that if I had spoken to her directly, she would have given a different response, but at least the witnessing would have been heartfelt and genuine. I did kick myself later in all sincerity. When it comes to Evangelism, choose to rely on no one except the Holy Spirit.

Until tomorrow……

*Imagine, I evangelise to people I know and those I don’t, but when I meet someone I click with instantly – oh, they’re in for a treat……how can I not tell you the greatest secret ever uncovered?

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