Day 18: The Evangelism Challenge (The Girls from Uni)

Today I just had to engage someone!

After a few fairly disappointing days of witnessing, I really wanted to actually engage someone in conversation.

I went to the gym after work and as I was walking back home, I stood waiting at the bus stop.

I saw a car across the road, the driver of which had slowed down to look at me.

Now normally, I’d be rolling my eyes, muttering something or another, but thankfully the driver in question was a young girl who went to my Uni!

She parked on the road and undid her seatbelt, whilst I dashed across the street to greet her.
She was with another girl from Uni and both looked like they were going to a beach party. We spoke quickly and after a few minutes of us just laughing and gisting, I knew I couldn’t leave them like that.

Now, from my memory, I can’t remember where each girl was with her faith. Each had a general belief in God and Jesus, but I didn’t know how deep or how far that belief went.

As we were speaking, a police car came to us and the officers suggested we move the car to avoid a ticket/charge, which we did.
Finally, I ended up giving a tract to both girls, one of whom said it was an amazing thing to do. I thank God and I love the fact God places an opportunity everywhere – we just have to step into it….

We pray for many more opportunities in Jesus name AMEN.

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