Day 19: The Evangelism Challenge (The Outreach)

So today I returned to what I know: Outreaches.

Don’t ask me why, but ever since I started going out on Saturdays to evangelise with Auntie G, my confidence has grown, and it’s become so natural to me.

Let me not lie and say I find it easy each morning – not at all, I battle my flesh each week just to step out of my house and meet her – but the experience of street evangelism has allowed me to become more effective and more versatile in regards to sharing Jesus with others.

You meet everyone on the street.

You meet anyone on the street.

I want to say that it has changed me, and I pray that it has changed those I’ve met too.

Street evangelism isn’t what it was when I was growing up.
It’s not a bunch of bible bashers shouting on the high street.
It’s not a bunch of old people on megaphones.
It’s not even a bunch of people throwing tracts at you.


Evangelism is conversation.
Evangelism is engagement.
Evangelism is love.
Evangelism is so exciting!

And today, I returned to my first love.
My aunt and I (and her daughter, who is 17 I might add) went out and met a good blend of people. A few highlights:

-Two young boys who I discussed evolution with
-A middle aged lady who spoke to us about her reservations towards church culture
-A Hindu guy who spoke to me about the paths to Heaven

All in all, such a wonderful Outreach! More of the same to come God willing…

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