Day 20: The Evangelism Challenge (The Guy Who Wanted My Number)

So today was interesting…..

It was Sunday, which meant I was in church (but I wasn’t serving), so I went along to the 9am service.

Now I won’t go into too much detail, but let’s just say that my dressing that day was nice – maybe too nice? I’ll explain why I say that*

I went about my business and then went home. Popped into My Favourite Store In The World also known as ASDA, and brought a few items.
Now me, I wasn’t really trying to speak to anybody. I don’t need to speak to anyone in ASDA because I know ASDA like the back of my hand, so unless we talking Christ, I’m not tryna talk to anyone like that…..

So imagine, I’m at the self service doing my shopping. I must have looked someway because the guy next to me asked if I needed help.

Me: Sorry?

The Guy: With your shopping? Could I help you with your bags?

Me: Oh no, I’m fine thank you.

The Guy: Oh okay, cos I wanted to *work* out with you. Maybe I’ll see you outside…

I smiled and laughed. Not hysterically, or cruelly. It was a nervous laughter because I had no idea what he was talking about…

Did he know me from somewhere?
Does he know that I like exercise/gymming?
Should I be disturbed?

Now once he left the store, I realised that he had said “walk” rather than “work”, but my gosh, his accent just baffled the whole conversation.
(I have a thing with English, namely pronunciation and enunciation. Lemme not get into it now……)

But I got my bags together and walked out of ASDA. Th guy was waiting for me outside.
Now I knew where he was going, but I wasn’t about to miss an opportunity.
I allowed him to make small talk and introduce himself properly. Once he asked for my number I threw in a line, something like “I won’t give you my number, but I’ll do one better…..” and gave him the tract.
I believe in God, he told me.
I haven’t been church in a while, he says.

Of course, if the guy is savvy (and this one was) he’ll drop a line like “well could I call you to talk about it?”

Uh uh.
Then I laugh.
You trying boo, you trying.

I told him to read the tract. I told him which church I went to, he could visit a church if he wanted to, but I ain’t doing no home visits and he ain’t about to be visiting me…..

And that’s how we turn what usually is an awkward, cringeworthy experience into something good.
So next time a guy asks for your number out and about, redirect him to Christ.

Let’s see evangelism everywhere and in everything.

Editor’s Notes: Of course, this post is not the standard. Let the Spirit lead you when mixing evangelism and the opposite gender….

*Just to clarify, being asked for my number isn’t what disturbed me today – rather it was something said to me that morning, which I’ll write about another time….

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