Day 24: The Evangelism Challenge (The Girl At Work Who Liked Me)

Oh gosh.

Today was erm….something.
Something I have never experienced in my years as a Christian.

Today, the challenge was to evangelise at work. Simple right? Hmmmm….

As I was going up and down, I sort of figured I would speak to one of my colleagues a bit more about his faith and my faith (this colleague is from the same country of origin as me, but untypical for a person from our country, he’s not into Christ and even less into church – this much was gleaned from a few watercooler convos, I knew I’d uncover even more if I spent some time speaking to him….)

So that was the motive: evangelism with a guy at work. But that’s not what happened….

As I was leaving the office, I walked to the lifts and saw one of my co-workers standing outside in the foyer.

I greeted her.

She greeted me.

I told her I liked her trainers and asked her if she was going to the gym*
Her reply was so strange, I kinda had to apologise for even speaking, as she started asking “Why?” and “Do I look masculine?”. Erm……okay then…..

I felt so awkward, I pressed for the elevator again and we both got into the lift. As awkward as I felt, I asked if someone had described her negatively in the past, then I tried to encourage her by saying she shouldn’t let others make her feel self conscious about her body, as only her opinions on her body really matter.

Now the rest of what happened was a M A D N E S S.

She dropped a line of “you’re so nice – do you like girls?”

Me: Sorry…what??

Her: You’re so lovely. I like you.

Me: What????

Her: Are you into girls?

Me: No…..Nooooooooo. I’m a Christian – I’m into Jesus. Do you know about Jesus?

Now lemme be blunt and honest. I was SO baffled as to what on earth was happening. One minute I’m in a lift going upstairs, next minute my colleague has both come out and come unto me. Nah. Nah, not about that life.

I didn’t know how to recover the conversation and tbh, I threw in Christ because I wanted a way out of the awkwardness.

My face must have looked as though I had witnessed something horrific, I mean I must have looked scarred, because when I exited the lift, she was apologising profusely, maintaining that it was just a joke…..

I got to my desk, my friend asked me what was wrong with my face and I had to play it cool…..

For the rest of the day all I could think was:


And eventually, once the shock had worn off:

2. I need to show her the love of Christ – but how…..?

And that was all the talking I could must muster on Day 24. It must have been less than 4 minutes of conversation, but it was a conversation that I’ve never encountered in my life – and I’ve studied at Sussex, twice

God help me show her the love and kindness of Christ tomorrow….

*I remember she had mentioned going to the gym previously, and as a self-confessed gym bunny, the only time you’ll catch me with trainers on is when I’ve been/I’m going to the gym. Obvvy this is clearly not the deal for everyone. These times I simply commented on footwear…..

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