Day 31: The Evangelism Challenge (The Review)

15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

— Mark 16:15

We thank God for completing 30 Days of Evangelism!

The challenge was of course challenging, yet so exciting.
I found my comfort zones to be my workplace and also my local ASDA.
I found myslf speaking to more women than men, just by chance.

1 person didn’t even want to hear it.
1 person did, and made the decision to accept Christ as their own personal saviour.

Many seeds were sown all over London.
Water was also given freely and regularly.
Some days I didn’t seek out any single person to share Christ with.
But on each day, Evangelism was on my agenda – even when I found myself at home in my bed at 23:59, I wanted so badly to speak to someone, anyone, about Christ.

And that was the beauty of The 30 Day Challenge. It reignited my fire, my passion, my ZEAL to speak more freely, more openly and more consistently about Christ.

The challenge now? To keep sharing the faith – and to share Jesus to as many as would accept Him. I challenge you to try it……

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