Hi Everyone!

Following on from our message last week, today we continue to look at the Our Father prayer.

In Matthew 6:11 Jesus prayed:

“Give us today our daily bread”.

This week, let us look at what we feed ourselves. Some find discussions on food consumption and eating habits a touchy subject, but let us not think that way.

As I always say, food matters.
What we eat matters, spiritually and physically. 

Let us not underestimate the effects of what we put in us and how it affects our mood, our thoughts and eventually our actions.

This week, let’s feed ourselves right. There’s more than one way to feed your Spirit, through sight, sound and speech. 

What will we allow our eyes to see?What will we allow our ears to hear?What will we allow our mouths to say?

Perhaps there’s something we are contemplating ‘eating’ that we shouldn’t. Perhaps there is something have eaten already that is poisoning us. 

Let us not be unwise. I believe that as you read this, the Holy Spirit will witness to each of us about what we are feeding ourselves and how it is helping or hindering our growth.

Let us not be unwise. We can learn by correction or we can learn through experience. We don’t have to taste poison that we’ve been warned about in the past.

Let us begin to eat right from today!


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