CHRISTIANITY: Understanding Revival in the 21st Century

How will revival come?

It begins with us – more sincerely, it starts with ME.

Some of us Christians are sleeping on this Gospel and it’s so shameful. We’re slouched over spiritually, just resting like a sluggard.

How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep? 

(Proverbs 6:9)

Yet Revival requires actions. It starts with me getting myself right with God. It starts with me dropping the cares of this world at the Cross and looking only at Christ. It starts with me not being moved by man and his vain inventions. It starts with me walking in HOLINESS and righteousness and authority of His Word. It starts with me studying this Book, and living it. It starts with me preparing myself for battle – going out and sharing this Gospel of Christ to everyone and anyone, not being put off by appearance or attitude but gazing steadfastly at Christ and the image of Him dying on a cross for the person standing before me.

That Romans 10 illustrates the whole thing! We don’t even need to throw in 2 Chronicles 7:14, which we have been taught to recite without really internalising what God was saying to Solomon –  Its become another throwaway verse for us to spew when it suits us. 

Evangelism isn’t about doing what suits us, it’s about one thirsty person telling another where he/she found water. But how do I act on that?

Revival began inside me (and begins within all of us) and it continues with that overflowing to those around us. 

When I started my job, I kept quiet, waiting for the right opportunities to strike with the Gospel – and it has and keeps coming! I’m not comfortable just chilling. I’m not at work merely to work – I’m there to share the Gospel – I just happen to do other tasks while I’m there and be getting paid for that…

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