PRAYER: How to Pray BIBLICALLY (Part 1)

Hi Everyone,

We thank God for another week.

Our prayer points this week are taken from Galatians 6. Please read the chapter for a clear context…

Our prayer is as follows:

1. Pray that we will begin to share each other’s burden, and cast each burden unto Jesus. (v.2)

2. Pray against pride and arrogance, rather pray for humility and meekness so we will be open to correction (v.1 and 3)

3. Pray that we will  sow in the Spirit so that we will also reap in the Spirit. (v.7-8)

4. Pray for the strength to continuously do good and that your strength will be renewed, so you will not tire in your good work. (v.9-10)

5. Pray that our study of the Word will transform us into new creatures, so we will look less like the world and more like Christ. (v.14-15 )

Have a glorious weekend,


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