Day 29: Evangelism is Not Always Pretty

It was a Thursday morning and I was on my way to work.

Now, as much as I absolutely LOVE my job, I was having a really difficult week, in which my faith was being tested, so I was kind of dragging my feet to be honest.

Eventually, I left home and walked down towards the train station.

Before leaving, I prayed that God would give me a chance to witness.

To be honest, it was not one of my most heartfelt prayers, as my mind was really troubled about some other things that had been going on recently in the novel I call Life. But as I always say, a prayer for opportunities to witness is the one prayer you can expect an answer from ASAP.

So on my way, I was thinking about everything that was happening. In fact I was thinking so hard, I didn’t even notice what was going on above me… and before I knew it, a bird had pooed on me!

Like, smack bang, right on my shoulder!!

I was a bit annoyed of course, but to be honest, part of me was just too drained to care.

I sat down on the nearest chair and sighed. Is this really life??

After my best attempt at wiping/wetting/cleaning/disguising the mark, I decided to get some help.

I got off the bench and walked towards the nearest lady I could see.

“Hi, sorry, could you help me please? A bird has just pooed on me.”

You can imagine the conversation that followed!

She was really kind though and checked my body for any marks, but once clear, she remarked how unfortunate it was.

So me being me, I couldn’t thank her enough. (Let’s be real. This is London – I can only imagine how many people would have seen me walking around with bird poo on my shoulder and would just laugh to themselves without saying a word to me…)

My parting gift to her was a gospel tract. In my words, “I can’t thank you enough, but perhaps there is something I can give you.” I reached into my bag and handed her the tract.

“I’m a Christian and this is the best thing I could possible share with anyone. I hope you enjoy it. Have a nice day.”

You see, sometimes, it’s that simple.

No real push.

No need to do much.

Just be simple – and always carry a tract in your bag…who knows when you might need it….





2 thoughts on “Day 29: Evangelism is Not Always Pretty

  1. Sounds like to me you had a great morning. You never know what impression you made on that lady. Sometimes we think we have to say more or do more when God just ask us to do, He does the increase

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