Day 41: Desiring God

Yea, in the way of thy judgments, O Lord, have we waited for thee; the desire of our soul is to thy name, and to the remembrance of thee.

-Isaiah 26:8

Hold up.

How did I jump from Isaiah 21 to Isaiah 26 and not mention Isaiah 23:3?????

As you have probably realised, I am moving through Isaiah and trying to pick out a few lesser known verses (or not so lesser known depending on the Bible Scholars reading this!)

What I love about the verse above is that it highlights the need for us to desire God.

I mean, that really is the life of a Christian: desiring God and growing in that desire each day.

A lot of us can relate to feeling awesomely ambitious. Personally I have so many dreams for my life, so many in fact, I often get caught up in the enormousness of all I want to achieve on Earth.

Juanita Bynum said “religious people go after what they can get from God and Believers go after the heart of God” and it is actually that simple.

Yes we have needs.

Yes we have all these dreams and aspirations, but as I type this post, sat on my bed, in my fluffy pink pyjamas, there is nothing I desire more in this moment than to know God more.

It hasn’t been about me for a long time, because the greatest thing I have is Christ.

I am reminded each and every day of my humanity.

I am proud, rude, impatient, irritable, unkind and selfish. Without God, I do not have a hope.

But with Him…..I am unstoppable.

So I just had to post this because this verse is actually my prayer and my heart’s cry: the desire of my soul is to HIS name. And what a name that is! Emmanuel, God with Us.

Let’s get back to desiring God people today – it is all we need.






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