Day 58: No Christ, No Saviour

I, even I, am the LORD; and beside me there is no saviour.

-Isaiah 43:11

One of my favourite songs right now is Relentless by Hillsong United.

The second verse says:

The time is up for chasing shadows. You gave the world a Light to follow.

The Book of John illustrates this so clearly: we have only one saviour – Jesus Christ.

When it comes to witnessing, we must be bold in declaring that there is no other that can save aside from Jesus.

We may come across some who believe in many gods, or that they themselves are a type of god, but that should not put us off declaring a true message. 

Try as we may, mankind has never been able to save itself. We like to think that we have our lives under control, but the truth is we don’t. 

We aspire to be better and are inspired by Superheroes like Superman – Christ-like figures without actually acknowledging Christ. 

But something’s missing because besides God, there is no saviour. 

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