The World is Going to Hell – Should Christians Care?

The reason the world is going to hellfire is because the church has lost Holy Ghost fire.

-Leonard Ravenhill

Such a sad quote, but so true.

The world needs people who are fired up, but to be more specific, the world needs Christians who are filled with Holy Ghost fire.

Do you want to know why your neighbourhood is turned upside down, why young people in your family have no desire to know God, why your workplace is a haven for filthy language and behaviour and why you have not seen a soul saved since you can remember?

More likely than not, because we, the church have lost our fire. And I say WE because I include myself in that category, and if you are a believer in Christ Jesus and of His Word, it includes you.

WE have lost our passion.

WE have lost our drive.

WE have lost our conviction.

God help us to regain this lost ground in this 2017, because the world is waiting for us to act.

For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.

-Romans 8:19

This verse is everything. Whenever I read it, it just grabs me.

All of creation is waiting for Christians to step up to the plate, waiting for Christians to stand up and be revealed.

Where are the ambassadors or Christ?

Where are those who accepted Christ all those years ago and profess to believe in Him?

Now let’s break this down a little, because I know many Christians who have been involved in good works and deeds…

How many of us Christians have gone on mission trips around the world?

How many have volunteered with Christian organisations?

How many have raised money for charitable organisations?

And how many have given money to charities in response to an appeal?

Well in Mark 16:15 Christ appeals to us to make preaching the gospel our mission.

We need to stand up and step up today.

It is no longer acceptable to be indifferent to a dying world. Let us pray that God will breathe on us and reignite our passion for the spiritually lost and our compassion for those who are spiritually dying.


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