Quote of the Day: You Cannot Serve God When Your Attitude During Service is Questionable

Some people say they are serving God but their attitude during service is questionable..

THIS is the problem and it is also the reason why many Christians are frustrated whilst serving.

Take this from someone who has been angry, irritated, burnt out and all shades of tired from serving in church: the issue is never God or church people – the issue has been me.

For a majority of the times I can remember, when I have ‘burnt out‘ from serving, when I checked my attitude, something was amiss.

On some occasions, I felt better than those I was serving.

Or I felt unappreciated by those I was serving with.

Sometimes I wanted to impress those I was serving under.

I remember times when I was serving to be seen.

And there were also moments when I served out of obligation, without any real connection to what I was doing (those awful autopilot moments…)

And these are just scenarios involving those who work in church. I haven’t even started on those who spend an entire church service on their WhatsApp, taking selfies in the toilets for their Instagram page, whispering to their friends or queuing for food…none of this is a good look..

What we need to remember is that God is not mocked. You serving in any capacity in and out of church is not doing God a favour, so you can let that go. In fact, you being in church at all is not doing God a favour, so you can let that go first…!

And it’s very likely that if you are serving with other people, you are going to get annoyed, but don’t stay annoyed. Take that back to God, and ensure that you have the right attitude.



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