How To: Deal With Stress

“Stress is the trash of modern day life. If you do not dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life.”

-Danzae Pace

As the bank holiday weekend comes to an end, I just wanted to encourage you to deal with your stress before you get back into your normal day to day routine.

Stress builds up so quickly, and before you know it, it can become overwhelming. So many of us live Monday to Friday just waiting for the weekend to arrive, and when it finally does, we are too knackered and to emotionally spent to enjoy it.

So make time for yourself. Do something to make yourself feel that little bit better.

I always say that I have two loves in life and two things that help alleviate my stress.

Number one is PRAYER. I find praying to be the most relaxing thing on earth. As a Christian, I have a relationship with God through Christ, and that is such a source of peace for me. I am able to talk to God about the things that bother me, about myself, my interaction with others, situations and life generally, and I am grateful that God also has a way of speaking to me. If you do not pray already, I would definitely encourage you to start. Prayer is the best way to get to know God and it is only done by first getting to know His Son Jesus Christ. Not as a prophet, not as a good man who led a good life, but as Someone who came to save you from your sins. Start by reading the Bible, understanding who Jesus is, why He came and why you need Him. Once you do that, and are able to pray in Jesus’ name, you can trust that God hears!

The number two thing for me is exercise. I love going to the gym, because that is a time that I am just alone with my thoughts. Once I get on my bike/cross trainer/elliptical, nothing disturbs me. I switch off. I try not to answer any calls or reply to messages, and just be in the moment. It is difficault, but when you are so busy, those fleeting moments with yourself anre critical.

Looking forward to the week ahead, I hope you can throw away some of the stress garbage and make a little more time for you….


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