Natural Girl Stories: Backhanded Compliments

So I have had a really interesting couple of days, which I will most likely blog about soon, but it all got me thinking about my natural hair journey.

So I have been natural now for 6 years, and it really has been a beautiful experience, but not always. I can do a post later down the line with specific details on my journey, how I look after my hair and other fun facts that would be of interest to other Naturals, but when I started, it wasn’t the norm. Where I am from, and where I was living, natural hair was not the in thing back in 2011 lol so it was tough.

So I remember a rather interesting conversation I had a few Christmases ago in 2013, prior to the Christmas holidays. I had just taken my hair out of my extensions (Afro Kinky Twists) and had been rocking either one of two styles – anyone who knows me will know that I have two go-to hairstyles:

1. A big head of curls (my signature, also known as a Bantu Knot-out)
2. A big puff on my head (also known as Le Puff)

So whilst helping with a church project in the run-up to Christmas*, I rocked my staple Bantu Knot-out Afro. As the day continued, I got tired. I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m working, my hair being out often adds to my feeling of tiredness, so I tied my hair up into my second standard hairstyle, Le puff.

After I had changed my hair, a lady from my church, who was also volunteering (didn’t know her from Adam, I should add lol) approached my hair**:

Random Lady: You were the one with the Afro this morning right?

Me: Yeah

Random Lady: Is that all your hair?

Me: Uh huh

Random Lady: Really?! (Staring as if to uncover secrets that may soon drop out of my Afro. After a few seconds of exploring my hair and face for secrets, she concludes..) Oh but you’re hairy, that’s why your hair is like that. Ohhhhhh….


Oh indeed….Random tidbit I know, but the memory did make me laugh again…



*The large-ish church I attend run a series of Christmas projects. On this occasion I was helping to deliver Christmas hampers to local people within our borough

**Occasionally people who meet me for the first time opt to speak to my hair rather than my face. Shouldn’t really complain I guess, it’s one of the least offensive places to stare at…right…?

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