BOOK REVIEW: The 100 Best Bible Verses on Prayer By Troy Schmidt

Just wanted to share the first book I completed in 2017, The 100 Best Bible Verses on Prayer By Troy Schmidt.

This book is phenomenal!

It really challenged me to pray harder, deeper and often. I was reminded of famous prayer verses, and some others that were a little less well known.

Some of the gleaned tips included:

  • Sometimes God answers the prayer before you even finish praying.
  • Secretly everyone wants and needs prayer. It may not seem effective in the moment, or they may be unresponsive but prayer works.
  • Pray for those who suffer, even when they are the creators of their own unhappiness.
  • God will always use you, regardless of your shortcomings – just pray that God will.
  • God hears directed and purposeful prayers, so if your prayer isn’t anguished, it may not be sincere.

I honestly couldn’t put it down, and I will be sharing some of my best verses over the next 7 days, so watch this space!

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