Even Moses Doubted

“And the LORD said unto Moses, Is the LORD’S hand waxed short? thou shalt see now whether my word shall come to pass unto thee or not.
-Number 11:23

Sometimes I read the Bible and I just find myself saying “thank God I was not born in that time…!“, and the eleventh chapter of Numbers is one of those times.

Imagine the scene. The Israelites are complaining again. Lol.

Now to be fair, let me not be so severe, as they were well and truly out of their comfort zone. Each day they spent in the sun-drenched desert caused them to pine for the days of Egypt. Each plate of wafer-thin, honey-sweet manna caused them to hunger for the fruits, meats, berries and wines of Egypt.

But on the other hand, they had forgotten their past.

The promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The dying wish of Joseph.

The infanticide of Egypt.

The years of slavery.

So here we have it, and they are at it again. Complaining to Moses (and therefore indirectly to God) about the manna God had sent to them. (Isn’t that so typical of us, even complaining to God about the very blessing that He graces us with?)

It was so bad, that even Moses cried unto God and begged Him to intervene, which of course He did, and the outcome was the appointment of 70 elders and the promise of meat/quail.

Despite this promise, Moses continues to question God, which I found to be strangely out of character for the man who at this point in the bible was the greatest man who ever lived. (But again, it only goes to show us that there is no one perfect on this Earth, and yet God still qualifies us, despite our shortcomings.)

God’s reply is everything thing though, so simple and succinct: My hand is not waxed short.

God didn’t have to persuade Moses of His strength, His power spoke for itself.

Similarly today, God doesn’t have to persuade us of his might, His Word is enough.

Perhaps there is a challenging situation you are facing today, a situation that may seem unbearable or perhaps even unwinnable, but God is saying that His hand is not waxed short. He is still in the business of saving people and will save you if you surrender every fear to Him today.

What are you afraid of?

What sin has a hold on you?

What has stolen your joy?

What has taken your sleep at night?

Whatever it is, pass it to Christ right now. It’s a simple prayer, but an effective one. Don’t wait for the next battle, Christ has already won the war.



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