God I Look To You Part One

So can we have real talk please? I want to do a quick poll…

When were you last worried?

When were you last afraid?

When did you last feel hopeless?

I’m going to say that all of us can give examples and instances of feeling any of the above emotions in the past week, month or year. It seems to be part and parcel of our society for young people – both men and women – to feel less than. We have so many things pulling on our time, emotions, confidence, faith and self-esteem, and if we are not careful, challenges engulf us.

So I just wanted to shared this song which has been reverberating in my heart for weeks now. It’s by Bethel and features one of the most beautiful voices, Francesca Battistelli. The lyrics are too real for me right now…

I realise that way too often we allow life to throw us into despair, and before we know it, we are without hope, but the Good News is that we have a Hope – and His name is Jesus.

I can honestly say that I am in a really new (and unchartered) space of contentment, and I really pray that each and everyone of us gets to feel and live that, irrespective of circumstances. Let’s not allow life to steal our joy.

Joy is not a feeling, it’s not an abstract emotion – it’s not a ‘thing’.

Joy is a Person – Jesus the Christ.

So let nothing steal Him, His peace and His hope from you. God is good, He’s faithful and He can be trusted.

In love, always ❤

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