27 Lessons X Psalms 27 (From A 27 Year Old on the 27th)

Hi Everyone,

Again, it’s been a minute. My bad….

But I have good – no, GREAT – news: no, I’m not remaking the sequel to 27 Dresses but I do have some new posts coming up, so please read on….

So Wednesday 22 August this year marked my 27th birthday. Wow, 27. It’s like the in between of young and old lol Am I allowed to say that???

So happy belated birthday to me I guess ☺️

I spent this year’s birthday in Brighton, which is a seaside city in the south of England (well, not Brighton per se, but my old university campus of Sussex to be specific – Suss-What?!) and it gave me a lot of time to reflect.

One of the ironies regarding my birthday is that I actually don’t like the attention it brings, which is weird because Gary Chapman’s best-selling book tells me that my primary love language is ‘Receiving Gifts’, and birthdays inevitably provide freebies galore. But no. It’s always a bit emotional, with one of three things happening:

1. I spend the day away from the world on retreat

2. I spend the day with my Significant Other

3. I spend the day with a friend/friends

In ages past, I tended to oscillate between the first and second options year on year, depending on my relationship status, which has been such a question mark *hides face* but by God’s help we’re coming out of that….

So back to the birthday, basically I decided on hosting a dinner and spent some time before my birthday praying about what I could give to my attendees, and aside from a little something to take home, I felt like encouragement was necessary.

My rationale? I felt like God has given us all very specific requisite gifts and talents, but each of us has the ability to encourage, and as necessary as it is, we just don’t do it enough sometimes.

So where am I going with this? Well, I’m going to be posting 27 lessons from one of my favourite scriptures, Psalms 27, which inspired words of encouragement to my dinner attendees.

The posts will be based on the following 27 words:

1. Lord

2. Light

3. Salvation

4. Strength

5. Life

6. Confident

7. Desire

8. Seek

9. Dwell

10. Beauty

11. Enquire

12. Time

13. Rock

14. Lifted

15. Joy

16. Sing

17. Praises

18. Sacrifices

19. Hear

20. Mercy

21. Answer

22. Help

23. Teach

24. Lead

25. Deliver

26. Will

27. Believe

At least one post a day, so please look out for those – and pray that I get back to some consistent blogging, it has been such a journey…

Yours in Him,

Stephanie x

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