Introducing… The Chronicles of Bae

I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, that ye stir not up, nor awake my love, until he please.

Song of Solomon 8 v 4

I think King Solomon was on to something when he was putting his eponymous book together, and since I am my father’s daughter, I wanted to throw in my penny’s worth…

For those who don’t know (and I guess for those who remember!) this blog was started as a Christian lifestyle blog, and a way for me to detail the various nuances of the modern day Christian walk. It was meant to cover everything, no holds barred, warts-and-all, with no topic being off limits.

In some ways, I can say that I am proud of what I have put on this platform – the bible studies, the music, the evangelistic encounters – but I know there’s a lot that I have left out.

And one of those “left out” things has been Relationships, which for me encompasses finding love, fighting lust, dating, break-ups, weddings, marriages, and everything else in between.

I may have tried to touch on these areas in the past, albeit a very, light, almost fleeting touch. Mostly when I am on my soap box, but mainly when I am in my feels. Which really isn’t good enough.

Because in the blueprint of my mind, this blog always had a page, a tab titled ‘Relationship Corner‘ and it was meant to be accessed.

But I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I won’t lie. I am the last person to share intimate details. I started this blog on the cusp of 2014, and here we are 5 years later – do you feel like you’ve gotten to know me?

Perhaps you have gotten used to my over-enthused call to arms for soul-winning, or you’ve become acquainted with my pedantic chapter and verse studies, but what about the matters of the heart?

I feel like know that I have hidden behind the keyboard when it comes to relationships, and for that I apologise. I must say, it was partly because my love life has been soooooOOOooOOOOOoooOOoo complicated these past couple of years.

You know that question: “So….. are you seeing anyone?”

Mmmm. My face usually says it all. There’s usually a sound that accompanies the facial expression, and then my heavily used catchphrase: “it’s a long story“.

Because ladies and gents, it is ALWAYS a long story, because there is always a storyyyyyy.

And there is always a guy.

And I always seem to be in some kind of situation.

There just have been non-stop mistakes lessons.

But today marks a new dawn.

Today, and each week until I’m out of stories lessons, marks the introduction of ‘The Chronicles of Bae‘.

Yeah, I said it.

Not 1st Chronicles.

Not 2nd Chronicles.

Not even The Chronicles of Narnia – nah, The Chronicles of Bae.

I know what you’re thinking – “what on earth is she on about?

Basically, this is me getting back to consistent blogging. Like real, honest blogging, and each Friday I’m going in on the good, the bad and the ugly side of Christian dating in an (Un)Christian world.

Like, must I be seeing someone? Is it everyday toasting??

What happens when you date a fellow Christian and it doesn’t work?

What happens when you date a non-Christian and it does work??

What about when you date that guy from work from your department from your friendship circle who is a little bit too close to home and it gets awkward?

When does dating become escapism a problem?

When does marriage become an idol?

How do you distinguish between singleness and loneliness?

What about age gaps? Culture clashes? Break ups? Make ups? Sexual sin? Dating books? Lists??

And for goodness sake, CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE WOLVES???

I hope you will smile.

I hope you will laugh.

I hope you will be encouraged.

I hope some of my tales will steer you off a bad course.

But above all, I hope that you will be reminded to return to the Word.

Because there is going to be a lot of Word in between the stories, and a lot of Scripture.

11 He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.

Ecclesiastes 3 v 11

Perhaps it wasn’t time to have shared some of this earlier, because it was still raw and messy, but you know what, I am beginning to see the beauty in scars, and perhaps some shared brokenness can prevent further brokenness, but I am getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? This is only our introduction right?

As I said earlier, today marks a new dawn.

So in the spirit of openness and transparency, let’s continue our journey next Friday with what happens when you recycle re-date an Ex.

Yeah, that. You can find further reading at Proverbs 26 v 11…

Until next week…



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