The Chronicles of Bae: Marriage or Mission?

Hey Guys, So before I give you my diary of a mad black woman story, I wanna set you a challenge, are you ready? I want you to choose mission over marriage. Let it not be your mission to be married, but let’s be excited for the things God wants us to do in our … Continue reading The Chronicles of Bae: Marriage or Mission?

The Chronicles Of Bae: Is He A Christian?

As Christians how are we comfortable dating people who are at odds with God? Why do we ask God for men that we can build with and yet entertain fantasies of relationships with men who have not yet chosen a firm foundation? Why do we compromise on Christ?

The Chronicles of Bae: The Case of The Ex

So I am going to start with another confession - some people are addictive. Some men, just can't be resisted, at least that's how it feels, and my Ex felt like one of those men. They say that the devil comes dressed for church too, and boy does he dress well. He also happens to be just your height, fit and type. But scratch beneath the surface and you'll find something missing....