The Chronicles of Bae: Pray

Today’s blog is probably the simplest I have written in a while, as it consists of one imperative: Pray.

I know you know how to pray Dear Reader.

Oh yes, Prayer Warriors and Bible Scholars. Some of y’all were born praying from your mother’s womb. Oh Rababosh.

And as Christian Singles, we are taught to pray against Imitation Adams and False Boazs. In fact, some of us are brought up spiritually to give the heavens no rest until we marry the bone of our bone and the flesh of our flesh. Oh sorry, just me. Ok whateverrrrrr.

As Christians, we are taught that Prayer is our love language. Even I have advocated personal prayers for ourselves in previous blogs, that we might be ready for the man/woman God has for us, that we would drop off every weight that would seek to beset us, that we would be students of obedience and on and on. Trust me, we could go on, because we will never stop requiring prayers during the single season.

But hold on Sis. Hold on Bro – can you do one better?

Can you pray for your future partner?

Ladies, can you pray?

Pray for his mind. The Bible tells us that the enemy goes around like a roaring lion looking for who to devour (1 Peter 5:8). Whilst the world is constantly force-feeding us narratives on identity predicated on achievement, accolades and accomplishment, pray that he will be vigilant, that he will not be caught up in it.

Pray for his mood. The Bible tells us that anger lies in the bosom of fools (Ecclesiastes 7:9). Can I be super-real – you don’t want no fool of a husband. You don’t want to catch the fish that is temperamental, hot-and-cold, constantly flying off the handle. I know that we have all been there with temperamental babes, the type of guys where everyday is walking on eggshells, everyday je-je. Oh, just me? H’okay o. You better pray that it will never be you o.

Pray for his holiness. The Bible tells us to put on the new man (Colossians 3:10), and with that, a mind renewed in knowledge, an image reflective of Our Maker. Pray that he sticks to that.

Pray for his friends. We live in a society in which human beings tend to live the loneliest of lives, unbeknownst to those around them. Does he have many friends? The Bible tells us that he who has many friends must show himself friendly (Proverbs 18:24). Who does he surround himself with? Has he found that friend that sticks closer than a brother? I am not asking you to answer – you don’t even know the brutha yet – but the Holy Spirit knows Him. Why not pray into that?

Gentlemen, can you pray?

Pray for her mind. The Bible tells us that a double minded man (or woman) is unstable in all his (or her) ways (James 1:8.) Lemme be super-real again – indecisiveness is not cute when you are trying to get married. You thought Brexit negotiations were bad, try and negotiate courtship/engagement/marriage with a babe who can’t make up her mind. My friend, you need to pray.

Pray for her mood. I LOVE the place in the Bible that says that it is better to live on a corner of a roof than to share a home with a contentious woman (Proverbs 21:9). Nah but can you deep that? That is so deep, sooooo deep that they repeated it at Proverbs 25:24. Mate, if Solomon repeated it twice, what more must I say? Pray for your would-be woman o.

Pray for her holiness. The Bible tells us that the marriage bed should be left undefiled (Hebrews 13:4.) We often attribute addictions to men, but before you start sweating about how you are gonna navigate those difficult conversations about how many notches you have on your bedpost, why not pray for her? She may have more than you. Yup. Or maybe she substituted her fornication with pornography. Listen, sex addiction is not sex specific. Pray.

Pray for her friends. The Bible tells us that the counsel of a friend is like perfume that makes the heart glad (Proverbs 27:9) Who are her friends and what are they telling her? And not just the girlfriends, the male friends. I mean the friends who want to be more than friends, the ex-boyfriends who are trying to gain access into the friendzone and the Uncles still trying to toast her. Oh yes, if she Cayenne Pepper, trust that there will be Bruddas trying to get involved like Maggi cube.

I could go on and on, but I won’t. All I want this week is for you to PRAY.

Marriage is not something to run into, and a courtship/relationship although beautiful, is nothing to be rushed.

So in the waiting, I want to encourage you to pray.

Commit to intentional prayer. A dedicated day/week/month to pray about this.

Pray as you feel led.

Use your heavenly language.

Don’t just go in your own understanding, let the Holy Spirit direct the prayer through tongues.

Do a Philippians 4:6-7. Don’t be anxious about anything, including your singleness, your current date or lack of date(s).

Make it a prayer, make it a petition, make it a request.

Let God’s peace (which we know transcends ALL understanding) flood your hearts and minds.


One thought on “The Chronicles of Bae: Pray

  1. Lol, I laughed and I learnt.. Thank you so much for this post… Its been on my heart to start praying for my future Mister, but i didn’t know where to start. Thanks again for this! ❤

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