The Chronicles of Bae: No More Sheets

So here we are again, wrapped up in the sheets….

I thought we had crossed this bridge, but no, somehow, somehow, despite all the time that has elapsed, I still find my way back…

Yup. It’s not confession time – no, confessions are not for this week – but we about to put you on, as this week is less blog, more homework.

I want to share with you a sermon that changed my life. It’s a video message taken from a book by Dr Juanita Bynum titled ‘No More Sheets’.

There aren’t many people I watch/read/listen to in this area (and not because there is a dearth of teachers – there are loads, LOADS of people who are anointed in the relationship marriage ministry) but I like to keep it simple.

This week we have the video, next week we get the breakdown, so please have a listen and enjoy:

The journey continues…


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