The Chronicles of Bae: The Single Season Challenge

Happy new year familia!

It’s a new year and we find ourselves in a new lockdown and I wanna set a new challenge.

Now if you’ve been with me from the beginning of this blog, you would know that I am not a fan of resolutions – see here – as they do not work. They never work, in fact so many resolutions are destined to fail lol.

Instead, I am a fan of revolutions – complete body changes and mindset shifts.

For 2021, I want to set you a new challenge: to jump on a single season. Ah ah, be in spirit though- this is not for everyone biko. This is for the single people o – don’t go and leave your husband/wife and blame me abeg…

Oh dearrrrrrr. Look, I know, I know. We’ve been here before, but this is not 2019 guys – this is a whole 2 years later.

2 years you know.

2 years ago I made a decision to go on a single season journey. I won’t say that I enjoyed it completely – at points I told you that I hated it and I did. My goshhhhhh was it brutal. My goodnessssss did I have mistakes and missteps along the way, but it brought me to here – closer to God than ever before and head over heels in love with my very own Ahavah Love.

Quick disclaimer though: I am not your blueprint. There’s no guarantee that you are going to have my experience. I just want to encourage you to learn from mine and have your own.

So I am going to encourage you dear listener to go on a single season in 2021.

Take time – grow in it. Respect it. Celebrate it. And above all else, OWN it.


Don’t obsess about marriage in 2021– think about your mission for the kingdom, think about His greater glory, and if you find yourself starting 2021 single, ask yourself this: what is Christ trying to work through me during this season?

Take it from me, being single is not a disease, neither is it a life sentence.

So if you’re single, sit in it. Like, relax into singleness.

I said in a much earlier blog, singleness is gonna become a comfy sofa, so rest a little.

Yeah, the first few moments may feel a little weird, but you gotta spend some time with yourself – actually chill, don’t be running away.

Also Single Peopledem, can I challenge you to stay single until God calls you out of it?

I know that sucks. I mean, who wants to stay single? Especially during a lockdown. Ewww.

But what is the rush all about?

Ask yourself: the feelings you have to get married, is that you, or is that someone else?

Again, I’ve mentioned in previous posts that some of us are still dealing with those biting remarks from that relative who seems to desire marriage for us more than we do.

Some of us are still dealing with those cutting words from that Ex that seem to have shaped all of our interactions with the opposite sex ever since.

Some of us have never dated, and have believed the lie that somehow that equates to us being unattractive, undesirable or unwanted.

Some of us are in denial, thinking we’re ready to blow up the dating scene once lockdown is unlocked but the only thing that seems to blow up is our need for attention.

Boo, no shade, but you need Jesus. Take it from me, I would know…

Let this be the year that dating wasn’t a form of self-medication.

Yes, I said it. Yesso I know we are having vaccine rollouts but a relationship is not a vaccination. Be a different person, and use a different pill, a different injection to numb whatever numbness you’ve been tryna escape.

Cos I can introduce you to one that works. His name is Jesus…

Like is said, stop praying for marriage and start praying for a mission for Him.

That’s it. No other fancy words. Just some advice from your sis. Next week I’m dealing with the three kinds of men to avoid during lockdown and beyond, but until then, stay smart 😉

SS x

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