Day 9: The Evangelism Challenge (The Man in the Chicken Shop)

So today was my Best Friend’s* birthday. After meeting for dinner, I found myself on the train home, but not entirely satisfied with my efforts for the day. I had spoken Christ to a feel people, but still wanted more.
So I went to the Chicken Shop – great place to evangelise and wouldn’t mind getting some (more) food.

Boy was I right! As the guy got my order ready, I jumped straight in.
I went from remarking on the lack of customers/queues, to talking about Ramaddan and whether he was fasting.** He replied that he was a Hindu, but does do his own fasting from time to time. I asked him about why he fasts, to which he replied. Then I told him about why Christians fast.

Then came the question: DO YOU KNOW ABOUT JESUS?***

From there I heard his replies and gave factual statements on Christ based on what He said of Himself. When I saw that he was open to hearing more, I told him that is return with a bible, so he can do someone studying of who Christ is.

Seed sown.

* I always say I don’t believe in Best Friends. The label is inapplicable for me; I haven’t had a Best Friend since I was in Primary school, and the vacancy has remained unfilled. But if I had to give the label to anyone, one person deserves the title…..

**You can be forgiven for making a presumption, but ensure that it flows into genuine conversation.

***Note that I asked DO YOU, rather than WHAT DO YOU. Totally different conversation is initiated. One allows for dialogue into The Person, the other is a quiz of how much he/she thinks he/she knows.

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