Day 8: The Evangelism Challenge (The Man at the Checkout)

Today saw the beginning of what can only be called ‘Errand Evangelism’, which simply means I shared the Gospel whilst running an errand.

The idea is Evangelism should be behind everything we do.

Someone once said “When I go to the supermarket, I go to evangelise….and I may just get some shopping whilst I’m there.”

I’ve always loved that.
Putting Evangelism in it’s place, making it central.

So today I went to ASDA to evangelise whilst shopping, and ended up telling the man at the checkout about the importance of going to church.

Conversation was clunky at best. Although the man was someone who has served me many times, I felt like I couldn’t get the words out quick enough! God help me to be more direct tomorrow!! I need to shift my conversation from church and keep it on Christ!

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