Day 7: The Evangelism Challenge (The Boys at the Bus Stop)

So today was very quick.
Monday is my favourite day of the week and that’s for one special reason; Mondays are Evangelism Monday!

Each Monday at 7pm, I meet up with other Christians to learn new ways to Evangelise. We teach and are taught, we share testimonies, we do role plays and scenarios, we study the bible, we pray, we ask questions and we learn (Can’t do the meeting enough justice – you have to come along to understand how much of a blessing it is)

So now after another wonderful meeting, I decided to take the train home (rather than get a lift with one of the kind members – the journey was longer but I was on an evangelism mission, as I hadn’t shared my faith with anyone that day.

I was sort of going back and forth, contemplating where to go and who to speak to.

I went to ASDA, telling myself that I would give a tract to the people on the tills…..but forgetting that it was so late in the evening, there wouldn’t be anybody on the tills lol

So I took my receipt from the self service machine and walked out.
It was getting late. If I walked straight, I’d be on my way home before I knew it.
I turned left towards the main road and stopped at the bus stop, where I found two guys talking.

I waited for a gap in their conversation and asked if the bus had come past, to which one replies that it hadn’t.

That was my foot in. I quickly told them that I want them to know Jesus loves them and cares for them. That was all. They looked at me and said nothing. Then said a sheepish “okayyyyy…..”.

I walked away smiling to myself.


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