Day 25: The Evangelism Challenge (The Follow Up To The Day Before/The Guys At Work)

So having read yesterday’s post, you would understand that today was a little awkward (not so much for me, but more for me colleague)

After her bold declaration yesterday, she avoided me for the rest of the day (which was probably for the best, as I had no words for her, and I wanted to make sure that the next words we spoke to each other were related to Christ)

So on Friday my evangelism was done in two parts:

1. Finding the Girl and sharing with her a tract on Christianity and Who Jesus is…

2. Talking to two guys at work about what it means to be a Christian. The conversation can be summarised into the following:

1. Christian = Follower of Christ = someone who practices what Christ preached

2. Church attendance does not equate to being a Christian

3. There is a difference between being in church and being IN Christ

4. We need to follow Christ, not people

5. We follow Christ by doing what the bible tells us to do, not out of religion, but out of love for Christ

All in all, a more relaxed day of witnessing. Please Lord, more of the same!

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