Aspiration and Inspiration: 4 Tips You Need To Know!

I recently had the pleasure of attending an event aimed at raising the aspirations of young people in the Local Borough of Brent. I attended on behalf of a charity I volunteer with, and I am so grateful I was able to go.

The event was entitled ‘An Inspirational Evening’, and attendees heard from five individuals who had attained a respectable level of success in their chosen industries (Law, Media, Medicine, Business and Childcare).

The bible says that my people perish for lack of knowledge, so I wanted to share this – here are four lessons I gleaned:

1. Success begins with self mastery, knowing yourself and your potential.
Ask yourself, what is your thought process in regards to your vision

2. When your attitude is great towards life, facts become opinions.
Take time to delve into your mind. What is your mindset? How do you view your opinions vs other people’s opinions 

3. Be willing to change.
The question you must ask yourself is ‘are you teachable?’
If you are, the next question is what are you ‘willing to learn’?

4. Aside from self mastery, we must be self aware. Too many people are unconsciously incompetent. Take time to evaluate yourself, your commitment to your vision and your attitude. Don’t be what I have termed ‘irrogant’ (ignorant and arrogant).

That’s all for now. I hope the four simple points will be of help. I will elaborate on some of these in future blogs, but for now, enjoy!


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